Footer and header are not working right - Portfolio page (Can you please point out what's wrong?)

Can someone please help me? I 'm coding my portfolio page and i’m having the following problems and i cant find what’s the cause of them.

Here’s the link:
First of all, there is a big gap inside the header, just after where the ‘info’ ends.
Second, the navbar menu doesn’t work in mobile view, it doesn’t collapse.
Third, when you’re in mobile view, the header just disappears.(i think i can fix this)
And last, the footer, there’s the same big gap and when in mobile view the background color disappears.

My thoughts are that ,either i forgot to put some closing 's or i’ve messed up with the header somehow and its affecting the whole page.

As for the first question, closing your head tag right after title fixes this :slight_smile: Btw you should delete it completely, codepen has a spot in html settings to insert all the necessary stuff into head tag.

As for others, Im not sure if I can help since im not rly familiar with all the bootstrap stuff.

edit: Or maybe I can a bit. The third and fourth issue are somehow caused by that media query you have a the beginning of your CSS. When i deleted it things look quite normal. The font in the header part is way too big ofc, but thats another story.

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