Footer Issues during my lab assignments

I am new to coding and having trouble with ending my code with a footer. I have attempted

<a id="footer"> 
<h2 id="footer"></h2>

I have tried a few others but none are working

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I think we’d need more information to be helpful.

But a footer is just something at the bottom of your page. You can stick it there with positioning or flex or whatever. Just giving it an id doesn’t make it a footer.

Using an <a> for a footer is a bit odd. You might have an <a> in your footer, but it wouldn’t be the whole thing.

An <h2> seems a bit odd, since semantically, it means, “2nd order header”.

A <div> would make more sense, but really, <footer> would make more sense. Something like:

  <p>My Footer</p>

You can give it an id of “footer” if you want to CSS targeting, but you could probably also use the element to target it.

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