Where am i going wrong here

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please where am i going wrong here?

Jump to Bottom>/a> <h2 id=“footer”

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Hello @vahidmato,

It would be easier to help you if you could provide us more details about the code. Here, I guess you have an issue with the anchor into your page. Let me give you some elements.

A link should always be:

<a href="...">My link</a>

If you want to do an anchor with an element inside your page:

<a href="#myid">My link</a>
<!-- here some code and the content of your page -->
<footer id="myid">
<!-- footer content -->

So look well the little part of code that you sent and compare with what I showed you just before:

Jump to Bottom>/a> <h2 id=“footer”

After, I am just guessing, your code would be good to understand what is the situation.

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