Problem with footer in HTML5

Hi!! I’m By and my problem is this. I’m learning HTML5 and I have a problem in one of the activitys, the problem is what I don’t know what to put in lesson 11, I’m new to programming and I don’t know very well what I’m failing at. Please help!


pleaswe include the challenge link and your post in your post, otherwise it’s not possible to help you, thank you

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Okey, It will take me a second wait. Thanks!

<a href #footer id ="" >Jump to Bottom</a>

I’ve been caught there, surely it’s wrong but I don’t know how to finish the exercise.

Can you please post all your code.


The href value on the a element should match the id on the element you are linking to, minus the hash #.


<a href="#about">About</a>

<section id="about">

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