Form Design (Designing Tips )

Tried my Designing skills.

Can anybody suggest some web designing ideas and how to visualize the website prior to coding. Any and every suggestion will work wonders.

I mostly code and see how it looks like… if it does not satisfy me i adjust more, but you can use design softwares like photoshop, figma, or indesign. Most common mistake I see on my and others projects are not managing space properly… if you ask me, my other weaknesses are color selection and typography too…

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Honestly, I think the best way to pick up on design is to really start paying attention to it.

For this example, look at a bunch of login screens and see what kinds of rules they seem to follow.

Are there obvious things they always do?

Are there any examples that break seemingly obvious rules implied by all the others?

Do some feel more right or less right to you personally?

You could also read the specs for popular design systems. Material has particular good, detailed information on their design principles:

Apart from that, what @HumbleAssassin suggests is right: pay attention to white space, typography, colour, and don’t use arbitrary / inconsistent design flourishes for their own sake.

It’s like learning to draw…you get better at it with practice :slight_smile:

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Got it! Thank you ! :slight_smile:

Yes…thanks :slight_smile: