Format forum posts when asking for help

Hi there, Shwilly here. I have a question about how to format my forum posts when asking for help. While looking at others’ questions I’m seeing stuff about user agents and “What I’ve tried so far…” and similar sections of the posts and basically what I’m asking is if there’s a template for asking for help here on the forums?

I have a question about tests not passing in the RDB projects and I would like to post and format my question in the clearest possible way, that follows the correct guidelines to help others help me.

I really hope that makes sense.

Thanks fCC for everything you’re doing for us all!

Hi there! Here’s the guide how to do it:
Forum code formatting
Also if you have a question about some step in the courses here, use Help button to create topic automatically with all the info attached. This button will appear after your third unsuccessful attempt to submit code

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Thanks for the reply. That’s good to know about the help button, I will most likely be trying that next!

As far as the “code formatting” post, I did see that but I must not have been clear about what I was asking so I’ll try again (because that post only shows how to format code and my question was more related to a post template).

While viewing many others posts asking for help, I notice a pattern in the posts. The main two things that I remember off hand are the user agent at the bottom of the posts (the code formatting post has no information regarding that). Also, there are common sections in posts, one of them being: “What I’ve tried so far” (or similar).

So basically what I’m curious about is; is there a “asking for help template” that several others are using? Or are they just adapting to the pattern?

Again, thanks for your reply, you shed some light on another approach to find help!

You’re welcome. After you press Help button there will be such template where you have to describe your issue. Your code, user agent info, link to the step will be attached automatically to your post

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