Forms, Databases, and their connection, oh my!

Please help me with this probably basic, and possibly annoying, question.

I came to all of this at the start of the corona virus when I decided that I might as well learn something while I’m at home.

My goal is to create a webpage which includes a submission form for information, images and video. I already know the HTML CSS part of this.

My very specific question is this: If I keep working through just the FCC curriculum, will I learn how to connect the form and it’s contents to a database ? And if the answer is no can anyone tell me what I need to go and learn outside of fcc?

I thank you for your answer.

Hey there,

As you work through the curriculum you’ll start getting in to the back-end (server side) code. In that section you’ll be learning to work with MongoDB, a NoSQL database.

By the time you complete the curriculum (up to the python sections), yes you should be able to connect a form to a database. :slight_smile:

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Hi @vegasartist!

In addition to to FCC you can also check out mdn docs

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Wow! Thanks NH thanks for setting my mind at ease. jwilkins, just started going through the articles, knew about MDN but had not really taken a serious look at it.

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