Forum Account Question

Hello, my name is @Schawnnah, and I’m a student at I’d like to ask you a question. Why is it that my account on the forum is always being blocked? Then I’ll have to create a new account, but if this is a glitch, please try again or provide me with more information about what’s going on, thank you.

I have moved your question into its own thread so you are not hijacking somebody else’s question.

I don’t know what you mean by ‘account on the forum is always being blocked’. Can you explain more?

My sincere apologies promise that this will never happen again.

Let’s say I’m about to post something and it doesn’t go through; when I go back to check, I’m logged out; I have no idea why this happens. I believe I was assigned and given an achievement as a result of my efforts. On that particular day, I was unable to post while conversing with the bot. It came back around after that. After some time, I opened Google and returned to the forum at, only to discover that I had been signed out and that I couldn’t create an account until around two days ago my sincere apologies for the emoji it is for an achivement😀.