Sign in to the forum with your account

Hi Everyone,

We are excited to announce that we are enabling you to use your account to sign in to this forum.

You will soon start seeing a login page like this.

What this means, is that going forward, you do not have to sign in yet again on the forum if you are signed in on freeCodeCamp. :tada:

As a new user:

You would have to create an account on the forum for the very first time you join this forum. This process is effortless, because all you need to do is chose a username and you are set to start using the forum. We recommend you choose to keep the username on the forum and freeCodeCamp same.

As a returning user:

As long as you keep your email address on and this forum same, you should be good to go.

Important note:

We would be making this the default method and removing the other options including the username password option in the upcoming days.

Please ensure you have the same email on your freeCodeCamp and the forum settings to avoid losing access to the forum.


As a returning user:

If you are shown the choose a username screen like this:

Or this:

Follow these steps to fix the issue with your account:

  1. Click the close [X] button on the modal to cancel creating a duplicate account.
  2. Click on sign in on the top nav and use the with Your forum username option to sign in first.
  3. Go to your email settings.
    Profile > Username > Preferences > Account
  4. Update your email address to be the same as your freeCodeCamp account.
  5. Sign out and try sign in using the with freeCodeCamp .org account option.

Let us know if you have any issues.


just as a confirmation, if you access the freecodecamp account for the first time via the Ask for Help button, the default post is still getting lost even with this, right? or this will solve that too?

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Can you elaborate or point me to any thread/issue report on this? It seems like an unrelated bug.



I don’t know how whidespread it is, but there have been a few cases of people reaching the forum for the first time using the Ask for help button and losing the precompiled message


I see what you mean. Chances are that is because, there is a certain limit on the maximum size of the code that can be encoded in the URL on the help button and that gets thrown away when the threshold is crossed.

Completely unrelated to login to the best I know.