Account login page - question


Just noticed this, but does the option to login with email always require inputting your email and then being sent a short code to sign-in and save progress in the curriculum?


Couple of questions:

  • Was it always like this or did it happen with the redesigned curriculum? Previously I was using GitHub to login and really am not sure if I had used regular credentials…
  • Would we be able to use the same credentials as the forum at some point down the road? For example, a user is already logged into the forum and then clicks on the Visit the Curriculum link on the top left.

FreeCodeCamp has been using passwordless login since about 2016:

I believe that you can log into the curriculum and then use the curriculum to log into the forum (opposite direction of what you said).

@JeremyLT Hmm, I just tried this out and I still needed to login to the forum. Tried it on Safari and Firefox.

freeCodeCamp accounts are passwordless, but if you log in with a linked OAuth account (GitHub, Google, etc) then you will log in with that account’s credentials.

You can log into the forum with your freeCodeCamp account.

@ArielLeslie Ok, I get the login with the OAuth ones, thank you. But just to clarify, by using the account by way of logging into the curriculum first, should the user be able to go directly to the forums without logging in again?

You have to use your credentials to log into the forums. There still is a logon process.


@JeremyLT Got it, because there could be instances where the user is not yet registered for the forums. Would a change to make it single sign-on be a big undertaking? This is related to my second bullet in the original post.

There are limitations because they are two different applications. freeCodeCamp is…well… freeCodeCamp. We designed and built it (“we”, the community). This forum is a Discourse instance. I think that the team has been doing their best to integrate the two accounts as much as is practical.

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I am not aware of any such plans. I don’t personally know how much effort would be required for such an undertaking.

Revisted this again and did observe that after logging into the curriculum first through my account, then visiting the forums to login and then going back to the curriculum you are still logged in, as long as it’s the same browser session.

That, in it of itself, is good so one doesn’t have to go through the one-time passcode/passwordless login process again. Is there any timeout of that, that you know of? Meaning, as a user being logged into both applications (Freecodecamp and Discourse) in this case, but being just in the forums then after some period navigate back to the curriculum, would there be a need to go through the passwordless process yet again since something in the browser session expired?

This particular thought/edge case came up because I have seen this type of behavior on some e-commerce sites where I have to re-login after navigating between what I (as a user) see as just regular webpages since I do not know the inner workings of the site/app itself.