Free Boot Camp in NYC

To my fellow programmers at beginner / intermediate (to touch up skills) / even advanced levels; who’s going through low or no income. I saw within my email about this meetup taking place at Per Scholas in Bronx, NY (see details about the course here: Tuition-free IT Courses: Job Training & Certification). The Course is named Code Bridge and afterwards continued further education within General Assembly’s course called WEB DEVELOPMENT IMMERSIVE (a well known Bootcamp you may be familiar with) (Coding Bootcamp Los Angeles - Become a Software Engineer | General Assembly), totaling out to 17 weeks of training; from 1-5 weeks at PS and 6-17 at GA, FULL TIME.

If not in NYC area, see about Per Scholas in your state. Other locations:

With that said, back to coding.

I’m currently within YDKJS book with prior skills in Web Development. You can find me here within FCC studying Computer Science as a main focus next to Web Development here:

I consider myself at intermediate level (especially since I’m writing code as I’m asked to problem solve through the above Guide’s Tier 1), looking forward to recreate my portfolio and working with others.

P.S. Although boot camps are cool, it’s about applying yourself at the end of the day (not even at the end of the day, but throughout with dedication) and I see FCC offers that guidance that surpasses these pay Boot Camps out there, even what’s being offered for free (the info here).

Thanks for sharing that :slight_smile: I’ll have to check out the Columbus location.