Free code camp lessons and syntax

Hey fellow coders! Just wanted to talk a little about freecodecamps (free code camp? FreeCodeCamp?)
issue with syntax prime example


This will pass.

color: blue;

This will not.

Just noticed this while doing some challenges.
Also noticed that some times

transform: scale(0.6)


transform: scale(.6)

Only the top one will pass yet the project will run with either.
Maybe there debug needs to be better idk just a discussion.
I fell that if the syntax is wrong then the code shouldn’t run AT ALL.
Yes i know bad syntax habits are not good but when im stuck on
a challenge, this or a combo of it tends to be my problem.
Just wish there was more of a indicator of using bad syntax and not just
test case failed. Teaching people good syntax habits is important so
I feel (just my opinion ) they maybe could revamp this a little.

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the examples above are not an issue of bad syntax, it is an issue with the challenge checker. The checker is written by a human being. The person may have written it sometimes to expect space and sometimes to not expect a space. It is only what they expect, not actually a reflection of what is correct or not.

unfortunately the code checks are not perfect. Perhaps they will never be. It is a matter of how much resource is available to fix everything and if the person doing the coding is resourceful enough to guess every type of correct answer that could be provided.
(very hard to do)

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If you would like to make a suggestion for what the tests should accept has a correct solution, then take a look at to see if the issue you describe has already been reported for this challenge. If it has not, then feel free to create a new issue and help improve the curriculum’s tests.

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Hey thanks! Will do.

I had the same problem with one of my lessons thanks