Free D3 course from beginner to expert


After almost finishing all of my d3 projects and challenges, I just wanted to share this amazing course by Curran Kelleher. It’s a very complete course on how to create from simple d3 data visualizations to complex ones. Plus, Curran takes the time to explain each topic thoughtfully.

Ps: I’m not being paid to promote this but personally, this is the only course I’ve taken that has given me a good grasp of d3. I would suggest to try it before doing the challenges and of course the projects. Have fun! :slight_smile:


Completed right now, just wow :open_mouth:

Thank you for sharing such a resource, i think it could be incredibly useful to someone starting the dataViz section and not only for those ones: i finished that section few month ago but I found extremely enjoyable to have a refresh of d3 with these classes and will definitely look forward for that guy!

Recommended! :+1:

Mh, since this is the review section i’m gonna motivating a bit further.

Main structure

The course is structured as a series of projects with increased complexity


Clear, engaging, prepared!


During this course you will use an online tool for data visualization, built directly from the same guy teaching the lessons if i am not mistaken: it’s called vizhub (vizhub homepage ) and it makes building project easy as write down stuff, no configuration needed and istant visual feedback.
That’s all!


in the first part of the course there are few lessons used to explain the theory behind the data visualization field and even if he cannot examine each topic in depth the overview is a lot more than what i saw in other tuts mainly focusing on the technical aspect. Lots of resources indicated if you want to investigate further.


After few lessons it’s all about forking old projects using them as a base for the new ones: that said the complexity of the projects and the ability you will gain building them is quite remarkable and they cover a lot of different ways to visualize different kind of data ( from a simple bar chart to interactive geographic maps)

So, in conclusion, a great course! (imho^^)

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so kind
that will help me for sure

thank you!

Good topic I love it. best of luck ! thanks !