Free Frontend Masters Courses 🔥

I’ve just received an email that all Kyle Simpson (author of the You Don’t Know JS books) courses are free on Frontend Masters this week (between November 27th and December 4th).

Kyle Simpson is an evangelist of the open web. He’s passionate about all things JavaScript, writes books, teaches JavaScript, speaks, and contributes to the world of OSS. To date, developers have watched over 300,000 hours of Kyle Simpson’s Frontend Masters courses!

The 8 courses available are:

You can visit Frontend Masters for the free courses.


Nice one … now hope to get a enough time to watch most of them

This should be added to #reviews.

Otherwise. Looks awesome! Gotta make sure to check it out. :slight_smile:

I’ve done Kyle Simpson Advanced Javascript course over at Pluralsight, which is a fork of the Front End Masters course (although they seem to have rearranged the material a bit).

Well worth watching. KS has a unique way of explaining the underlying concepts of the language which can really deepen understanding. Be warned though, he is also a bit of a crank who uses his courses to promote his own libraries. Take his opinions with a pinch of salt.

The one on pluralsight is 3 years old. Deep JS Foundations is the new version of the course. He doesn’t use any libraries at all in the course.