Frontend Masters

Do you guys have any thoughts about ?
It is worth buying?

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I have only watched Kyle Simpson’s course on advanced JavaScript, and it lived up to its name. I haven’t seen any of their beginner or intermediate content, but if the content quality is consistent with what I’ve seen your money would be well spent. It is expensive, though, and you could still get a good beginner-to-intermediate education at Treehouse for $25.


I prefer Kyle’s books(must read) over his video course. It’s a great course though.Yes,FrontendMasters is a great website and if you can afford, then go for it.There are many amazing course there.Especially, great contents for Javascript

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I saw their sponsored post on Facebook the other day where you could sign up for free courses, and they would send you links to videos via email. I tried the beginner, HTML course. The instructor didn’t seem comfortable or confident speaking, but she was able to get the point across.

The basic JS course by Kyle Simpson was great, but you should know a bit about JS already or some of what he talks about may go over your head.

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They appear to have good reviews and if you think the course is worth the cost compared to the amount of help you get from it I’d say go for it, you might be able to learn a lot from the course. As always - good luck :slight_smile:

I prefer Pluralsight courses over Udemy has many awesome course too.

Edit :slight_smile:
As of today( 6th Oct , 17)
FrontendMasters recently launched some new awesome course.Jafar Husain’s course on Rxjs are my fav. So i would change my earlier answer to " yes, if you can afford it, go for FrontendMasters"

If you are only frontend developer(react,angular,node,css,javascript etc) , go for FrontEndMasters.
But if you are some polygot programmer ( java,c# , node , with frontend frameworks like react/angular) then go for Pluralsight

i had frontend master for a month. but i hate it.

i need to do something, not just watch boring video’s from others. no matter how good they are.
and, i know its a sin to say this, as he’s so popular, but i dont like that guy simpson. he may know js very well, his books are ok, but thats it. i think his video’s are terrible.


You can actually find a lot of the frontend masters courses on . I found Kyle Simpsons on there as well

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yes, that’s true. but only some of the frontendmasters course are available there

great resource. highly recommend Kyle Simpson’s and Douglas Crockford’s courses.

Go for Pluralsight instead. It’s cheaper, the course collection is enormous (with dozens of new courses coming out every month), and the website is really slick. It also has a much bigger range of courses, so if you are curious about DevOps, Java, AWS or whatever you can easily get started.

Good resource, would recommend courses by the instructors Mike North, Brian Holt and Kyle Simpson.