Free icons from The Noun Project

The Noun Project is a website that hosts icons created and uploaded by graphic designers worldwide. These icons can be used for free (with attribution) and are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) or Public Domain (PD).

I use these icons in many of my FCC projects and even in presentations that I’ve given. All you have to do is search for any noun, and The Noun Project will give you back a number of related icons. You can search for weather icons, pizza, even zombies.


Please always make an honest attempt to give credit to the designers. Attributions can be collected into a list that you link to in your footer.


Awesome Thanks for sharing!

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Yes, definitely provide attribution! For all things on the internet, really.

For Noun Project icons, If you choose not to provide attribution (or cannot due to the project), the icons aren’t expensive. I definitely recommend paying for an account or buying icons if you use them a lot for professional projects.

Big fan of this site! Highly recommended.

I’m using Fort Awesome icons, you can pick the ones you’ll use to keep it light.

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