Free IDEs for students

In case people didn’t know, jetbrains is giving free ides for students:

The IDEs are pretty damn good (and cool af) so definitely check them out and prepare to never use another in your life


Cool! Are you applying with an Official Document? Or which of the verification methods are you using?

you are supposed to give the student id, I forgot I applied last year but they’re understanding. Just read it carefully and mail them in case of doubt

If only i could get my hands on it

Sure… tell me this literally 5 minutes after I paid $70 to register Sublime Text

I just wrote in with the Official Document approach, using a screenshot of my Settings page (not sure if “student id” in this case just means our user name).

I’ll keep y’all posted on how it goes!

Thanks op.

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you can pay for those too if you want, there’s a monthly subscription fee for those interested

Check out Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code — it’s getting better and better (they give regular updates every month). And it’s FREE.

What I like about it.

  • integrated Git (no need to launch another program, or go command line), means less forgetting to use it
  • there’s a debugger built in, haven’t tried it.
  • easy access to terminal, if you really need to go command line. no need to launch a separate program.
  • lots of extensions, which adds more functionalities and features to the IDE. (Less, Scss compilers, code completion, code peek, etc)

Vs code as mentioned above is an awesome tool! It’s especially awesome and easy to learn on coming from a Microsoft sql server background

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Another thing I like about it is that it is cross-platform. I principally use it on Linux and there is a Mac OS X version too.

MS Visual Studio Code is a Code Editor(even saids on the website description box) while MS Visual Studio is a IDE.

For web development it is a distinction without much difference. It (VS Code) has syntax highlighting and code completion for HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, it integrates with git version control and (via plugins) the chrome debugger and ESLint. That’s most of what you would want from an IDE. (Maybe some better project management and integration with ftp/ssh are what’s missing?)


It’s not a full-blown IDE. VSCode being the little brother of Visual Studio may not know about classes, extensions, helpers you’ve written that’s located in App_Code directory, so therefore can’t get you Intellisense for that. But that’s only important if you’re doing .NET development. I use VStudio for that kind of work.

But for html, css, javascript coding, and when you’re not doing .NET, VSCode is actually pretty good, not too shabby – and also lightweight.

I love JetBrains’ IDE. WebStorm for web development is great. I switched from Sublime Text (mostly using it for quick editing know). Tired of hunting for packages.

WebStorm has most of what you need out-of-the-box. Intelligent code completion/assistance is second to none. Its refactor feature is also awesome. Of course, there’s debugging, unit testing (Mocha, Karma, etc.) integration, version control (git) integration, node, npm integration, etc. Its configuration/settings are extensive but easy to manage because you can do a search. (As a matter of fact, you can start typing to fuzzy search in many dialogs/windows that you wouldn’t suspect you could do.) The shortcut keys section of the settings has features that let you easily manage and resolve key conflicts and find out what a given key combo is assigned to what function. It took me no time to remap some keys to my liking. I also use IdeaVim plugin that mimics vi’s shotcut awesomeness. Some of these things are available in Sublime too but it has been time-consuming for me to set them all up the way I want. With WebStorm, it was easier and faster.

I have the student account but wouldn’t mind to pay for it when I use it professionally. I understand they also offer it for free for open source developers:

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Full MS Visual Studio is also free. Although I think that VS Code is more than enough for what people do at FreeCodeCamp, if you need something more capable, Visual Studio Community is a full blown IDE with unbelievable amount of extensions, including Web Essentials. Bear in mind though, that since it is a very powerful tool it can be also quite complicated and overwhelming sometimes. There’s definitely some learning curve. Many people think of MS as some evil corp but it company has changed long ago and now they give many amazing tools away for free.

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I agree! My personal favorite :slight_smile:

It’s my personal favorite for all kinds of projects :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to get WebStorm for free as Free Code Camp students with the Official Document approach?

I don’t know but the CS is very friendly. Just mail them and ask, I got a reply in about a day.

I might be missing something, but I’m using Atom, Node.js live-server('cause Codepen can be a little iffy and it’s local) on a linux box. Only ide I play with is Arduino IDE. Looking at something like Android Studio scares me silly at the moment.