Free Quotes API over HTTPS without API keys

I just finished my Random Quotes Machine on CodePen. However, I want to serve it out of GitHub and there are two problems with this:

  1. As per GitHub’s recent policy, I must serve over HTTPS; thus, I must also get the quotes over HTTPS.

  2. As GitHub is public, I would prefer not to expose any API keys in my code.

So, does anyone know a free quotes API that serves over HTTPS and does not require API keys?


Sweet. I was thinking of a similar thing where I might be forced to crawl the web to make a database of quotes! Glad to see someone already doing it.

It appears a bit unstable though, given that it might get pulled down anytime. Thanks though!

If you want complete control over the endpoint, another camper came up with an interesting hack utilising codepen as his own ‘database’:

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Interesting. That does suggest the obvious idea of using my own GItHub account as the database itself. That would solve all my problems but it might cause a problem for users: if my quotes JSON/JS file is huge, each user will have an initial time cost of downloading the entire file.

I could try dividing the quotes into multiple files ordered by author. That could mitigate this upfront cost.

Thanks JacksonBates for random-quote api

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Dear JacksonBates, THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!

Thanks for your work, JacksonBates!!!