Simpsons Quote Machine - with pictures!

Simpsons Quote Machine

Just finished the random quote machine - thought I’d keep it lighthearted. I linked to images from Frinkiac - A great way to kill a few minutes/hours if your needing to.


Wow this is awesome :smiley:!

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That’s a clever hack to create your own api :slight_smile:

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I like your design, especially the HTML and CSS parts. I want to create somehing similar like you, but I feel like I’m already burn out.

Love it, awesome job!

D’oh! Wish I thought of that… Nice

awesome loved the concept… implementation :slight_smile:

I actually find the layout design part the most difficult part - Not so much understanding CSS but all the things that go into go into good design colour co-ordination, spacing etc. Its hard! I prefer the programming side of things. Bootstrap / Foundation are good because they make it quick to put something together that looks respectable.
Thanks everyone for the feedback!

Awesome! Congratulations!

Great Job, love the pictures in it!

Slips :blush:
‘Done and done and… I mean done’ - Sgt Skinner

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Awesome, potential random generator haha.

Great job! :sunglasses: