Free responsive bootstrap template needed


Can someone point me to some free responsive bootstrap that I can use immediately? Preferably something that is easy to manipulate…like for beginner.

I am trying my hand on building a web app for ecommerce using jsp.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Do you already have the design or are you looking for the template to do it for you?

If you share with us some context about your web app (pages, sections, main actions/tasks, etc.) we can give you a better response.

When designing we have to start by being clear about what we want to achieve, only then move on to implementation (finding a great template that makes our design a reality).

Beyond that, you can find a nice list of free Bootstrap templates in these sites:

I don’t want to go into the details. Basically, I just want a basic responsive html 5 bootstrap e-commerce template will do.

BTW, what you have shared are all Dashboards which is not ecommerce template…