Freebies Hunt - a site that lists out free and open tools and resources

Hello, fellow campers! I just want to share my most recent project. It’s called Freebies Hunt and it’s basically a programming-oriented curated list of free and open software, tools, and even educational resources of great quality. Think of it as awesome-open-resources or something (maybe, that’s what I should’ve named it).

I think it’ll be useful for those who are looking for free programming resources. Specifically, you can look out for these following sections:

  • Free and Open Access Textbooks
  • Massive Open Online Courses
  • Distance Learning Resources
  • Platforms For Your Future Apps
  • Documentations
  • Programming Style and Standards
  • Student Packs (if you’re eligible to receive at least one of them)

It’s made with Gatsby and it is also open source which its source code is hosted on GitHub. I also made an API of the freebies to be open source, available as an npm package.

Hope you find it useful as much as I did and good luck on your programming journey! :grin:


Interesting website! Is all the content generated by you? I’ll be bookmarking this for sure.

Yep! I’ve compiled a list of the resources I’ve used and all of them are free so I thought why not expand them and make a website out of them.

Useful resource. @Foo_Dog you are doing an amazing job. keep it up :+1::+1::clap::clap:

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