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Hello. I’m from Russia. The FreeCodeCamp website is known to millions of Russians, but many are repelled by the lack of the Russian language. Please translate this website into Russian. I and many other Russians can help with the translation.

If you are interested in helping translate freeCodeCamp to Russian, you can start reading this article:

Particularly this part: How to get involved in the translation effort

The translation in Russian has just started out, I’m sure they will appreciate your help!

Good day. I’ve just started to work with Russian translation on Crowdin. But I can’t understand the structure of the team in general and the Russian team (if exists) in particular. My main question is - who is a proofreader for the Russian project?

at this time I am not sure there is a proofreader. I think once a translation is going and people show active there someone is contacted to be proofreader

OK, I see. Just to know, whom should I contact to become a proofreader?

Rafael is the team member that is coordinating the global localisation efforts

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Hi Tim, call @corrector at crowdin if you have any troubles.
For the future, look at who actively approved the translations last time in the project report.

Contact with coordinator Rafael to become a proofreader, then call the currently approver so that he will familiarize you with the current state of affairs. At least - we have a translation agreement: Соглашение по переводу - Google Docs , and a glossary in crowdin, and a chat group for resolving common questions.

Good day. I think it’s better for all Russians to learn English.
There is a great free course.

Although I myself do not find time for this. I think everyone needs it. And not just for programmers. )

Chrome browser also helps (for me personally) .
There is a built-in translator )

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