FreeCodeCamp Certifications actully are taken seriusly?

I want to get a job in this industry, and I like this page but is take as a trustable source knowledge?

I don’t think this page is a waste of time but I not give jobs to people, I search people who gives jobs and their opinion about this page and any certification I have from here will be judged.

So I want to hear opinons on this

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Is an FCC certificate going to get you a job? Almost certainly no. Will it help? Maybe a tiny bit… but probably not.

What will seriously help you getting a job would be doing the FCC certs, learning that information, building those projects, finishing FCC, then building on that with continued learning and building more complex projects. If you do that, keep doing that, build a good portfolio site, get a good resume etc., hone you interviewing skills, and don’t give up … that is a very solid path towards getting a job. I worked for me. #ymmv


Do the certifications if you want dude… Do them if you want.

Since 1997, I’ve certified and re-certified covering over 60 exams, but that was in the fields of data networks, service management, project management and service architecture. In these fields, it’s expected; it doesn’t seem to be the case in coding, unless they are for vendor systems and services, such as AWS, Microsoft. Anything ‘vendor’ related, then certifications can be a prerequisite for interviews .

I’ve conducted lots of interviews, and self-developers are typically the ones I’ve hired, because it demonstrates a mindset. I’m 52, and I’m coding for interest at the moment, but my intention is to start building websites for my local community in Spain, something I used to do in the UK. Your best CV will be the work that demonstrably reveals your abilities.

Hi, no certificate ever will give you the job… what counts is the knowledge. The FCC is good to gain a basic knowledge and a good place where you can ask questions… what really counts is if you can apply that knowledge and build something on your own. Because only by doing the projects you will learn how to apply the knowledge, how to find solution when you get stuck, how to read the technical documentation, how to debugg your code… and this is what really counts.

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