Is Freecodecamp certifications recognized by employers?

Hello campers :slight_smile:
I would like to know if Freecodecamp certifications are recognized by employers.
In the world ? In your country ? And in France (i’m french) ?
Because I am self taught in programming and in France it is difficult to make it recognized…
Can i put my certifications on my cv ?
Thanks for answering !


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They might not have even heard of it, the portfolio is probably worth more than the certification to them

After all the portfolio is an actual demonstration of work you’ve done

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yes sure :wink: thank you !

The FCC certificates aren’t accredited or part of any official certification. Neither are expensive bootcamps. If a potential employer is interested, they could go look at what the requirements are for FCC certificaitons (although I wouldn’t expect this to happen often). As @gebulmer says, the portfolio is much more significant.


As you build your portfolio, the projects you’re more proud of will go to the front/top of it to be highlighted, while the more average stuff will trickle down to the bottom and eventually fall off as your portfolio grows. If an employer sees FCC certifications (they may not be aware of fCC at all) among the top stuff you’re showcasing, they’re probably going to either send you a ‘thanks, but no thanks’ message, or just click away and forget your portfolio.

fCC gives you a great start on your web development learning journey, but the accomplishments of earning their certifications are largely just personal rewards for putting in the work required to get them. And, from the front-end libraries certification onward, they’re not easy to get, so if you get them, you should feel a sense of accomplishment.

However, if you can’t build a full-stack app from zero to finish without spending hours and hours going through online tutorials solving problems as they come up just by hoping that for each individual problem someone made a video or wrote a blog post about how to solve it, most companies won’t need you. And, even if you’re looking to be a front-end engineer only, remember, you’ll have trouble finding a professional front-end developer who doesn’t know what’s covered up through fCC’s full-stack certification (with the exception of D3 maybe).

There may come a day when having the fCC certifications will be an opportunity booster, but until then you’ll have to help fCC by building your skill set beyond what fCC can teach you, getting a job, and letting other professionals know how you got your start - with fCC.


Thank you @willjw3 and @ArielLeslie for taking the time to answer me. Your comments really help me :wink:

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