Freecodecamp certificate is worth to get job?

I am from India I just want to know that is freecodecamp certificate enough to get job in India.
I am currently doing Web Development course in fcc.

the freecodecamp certificates are not officially recognised, they are more for the students than for everyone else

but you can get a lot of knowledge starting from the curriculum here, that knowledge plus showing that knowledge with a well curated portfolio and cv can bring you to a job

The certificate by itself isn’t worth as much as the experience you gain, and projects you build.

I’d start by looking at the jobs available in your area for what you can apply for, what they are asking for and plan accordingly. FreeCodeCamp specifically goes over the MERN stack, along with providing Python for data-science.
If most jobs aren’t going into this, or the jobs that are are limited, or ask for a bunch of extra requirements, you might want to branch out of just freeCodeCamp to learn the most relevant stuff being asked for.

With that being said, even if there are a ton of MERN stack jobs available, without crazy job requirements, you still should branch out and don’t use freeCodeCamp as your one and only source of learning.

Checkout the jobs so you have a good long term goal/plan, continue with freeCodeCamp, keep the certs as goals, but use them more as “goalposts” and focus on learning the concepts, building stuff to show off (for and outside of the current projects) and just keep learning!

Good luck! :smiley:


I don’t really think so, as freeCodeCamp certificates obtainment procedure is not well designed, just paste a link and it passes, absolute lack of credibility, as a recruiter, will you hire someone with such a weak certificate?
but a good portfolio showcasing your work may interest the recruiter more than this certificate.

Note : I am not saying the curriculum content is bad, in contrast, it is a pretty good resource, but the certificate is not really that valuable

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