Certifications worth anything?

are the free code camp certifications worth anything to prospective employers? I already know 90% of what the certifications teach. Is it worth spending time going through tutorials to get the certifications to put on your resume or not?

If you don’t have a traditional degree or experience in the field, it gives prospective employers something tangible. They can look it up and see what you had to do to earn the certificates. The primary value of FCC is in providing a structured education for free.


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great experience and portfolio > degree > pretty good experience and porfolio > certificates > nothing


I second this. When I was applying for jobs, recruiters absolutely loved the fact that I had a portfolio of work. In one interview, it even gave me the edge over another candidate with a CS degree.

FCC projects are worth their weight in gold. The certificates are worth about the same as your elementary school swimming certificate or piano grade 3.

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