Is putting certificates from FreeCodeCamp worth it for a resume/linkedIn account?

It shows you have experience learning the material on your own, and that you have completed their curriculum. Is it worth it? Does it grab employers attention? What does everyone think?


Sure, it shows that you are self motivated and eager to learn new things.

So, I am going to tell you what I have been told by other developers through the media.

If you were asking - “is it okay to put on my resume that I have use FCC to learn to code as part of my journey to become a web developer?”

Sure, after all, you are merely explaining one part of your progress to build and achieve your skills and aims.

If you asked - “is it okay to put on my resume that I have studied at FCC and here are my certificates to show that I have learned and passed it?”

It is not wrong, but really, companies are not interested in certificates, degrees or what-have-you because actually it does not show that you have the abilities or motivation to do the role of the job you are applying. Frankly, I agree with this because someone I know studied CS at university and passed with an average grade, yet went for a job interview and could not problem-solve at least on one question but still thinks he should have got the job because he has got the “paper”

So, what is on the resume that will get the employers attention?

Yes, do briefly explain your progress on how you started your journey

However, explain and show your abilities such as show the proof of your problem-solving skill - that would be a link to your portfolio that showcasing your own projects where you managed to problem-solve in order to build particular features in the application

Also, they want to see motivation and commitment. Do you have a blog or a youtube channel discussing a specific area you like in technology? Add the link! The employers will like to see your post or video and again, this will show that you are generally interested in whatever you like to talk about.

Also, show your involvement and contribution in a community like Github, where you collaborate on an open-source project. Not only this shows you are into web development but also it highlights your ability to use and work with the tool too. (Github does play a vital role)

I will admit that I have not done any of this, but that is because I am not at the “job-ready” stage, but when it has been said to compare a resume that says “I have the ability to code. Here are my certificate to show that I have learned it” to a resume that says “I have the ability to code and here is what I have been doing to show that I have learned it, but also that I want to be involved in the community too”…the developers who advised this does make a good point and I will follow this eventually : slight_smile:

I am sure the certificates has its use somewhere, but maybe not for the purpose of resumes.

I hope this has helped you :slight_smile:


Well said, couldn’t agree more with this point. Skills and experience always triumphs over paper.

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I am just grateful that developers get to speak about career experience because even though it makes sense, this kind of process to landing the job is not widely aware