Certifications that are worth persuing

Hey! I’m currently starting to code and was interested in getting some certificates. Thing is, I dont’ know what kind of programs are worthwhile and where. Any advice?

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web development or coding do not have official certificates

the nearest thing is a Computer Science degree
some companies have certificates issued after an exam in their own specific technologies, but they are really specific and worthwhile only if that technology is sought after where you want to have a job, and you already have basics

you need to show what you can do building a portfolio with projects.
FreeCodeCamp is a good place to learn if you don’t know where to start


It depends where the companies that you want to work at are located. Excluding degrees, certifications don’t have a ton of value to most companies in North America. Other parts of the world care quite a bit.

Certificates do at least give you a set of things to focus on while you pursue one which is valuable just from a self-organization perspective. It’s tough to come up with a learning plan by yourself especially if you don’t know what to learn in the first place.

However, for the most part, certificates likely won’t add a ton of value to your CV other than serve as a proof that you’re investing significant time in your learning. It’s far more valuable to have a portfolio of projects that simulate real-world experience to the best of your abilities.

That said, some certificates worth pursuing are the ones here on freeCodeCamp :slight_smile:

One course on Udemy I highly recommend that would suplement freeCodeCamp really well is called “JavaScript: Understanding the Weird Parts”. You’ll get a certificate of completion when you’re done for your LinkedIn profile but the actual content and what you learn is way more valuable than the certificate. Having taken that course has paid off in so many ways throughout my career as a web developer.

If you’re looking to supplement your learning with a more formal education I had a really good experience with University of the People. They are an online tuition-free accredited institution and offer a 4 year Bs.CS degree with a lot of flexible options making it easy to study while still working a fulltime job which is what I did for a while.


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