L am new to coding may l have some career advice

Hie ever1, may l get some advice l would like to be a certified software developer and l have found free code camp is the place l get that,
which certificates should l do to lend my first job, l would gladly appreciate you advice and incite . l have already starded on studying Responsive Web Design wich other certification should l do archive my goal to be software developer

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There’s no such thing as a certified software developer. There aren’t any formal certification processes. freeCodeCamp (and other resources) have their own certificates of completion, but the closest thing to industry standards is a university degree. In this industry you typically have to be able to prove what you can do rather than use credentials.

All of that said…
If your goal is to learn web development then you’re off to a good start with freeCodeCamp. The curriculum is pretty comprehensive and the community support is amazing.


thank you so so much as am building my way up i wanted a guide. the reason why l want to have certificate outline is that am from south africa and certification is a big deal here. having the skill and the certification would be a deal breaker bt if u dnt have any certs employers are likely to take you last

Hi tshephang,I agree with ArieLeslie, there is no such certification for software developer, something may fit your require is the software engineer or computer science degree from university. But I don’t think it is very necessary in IT industry. I just got an offer that the job title is softeware engineer, i have no software engineer or computer science degree . I learnt coding from FCC , udemy, youtube channels, I created demo projects, github repositories, portfolio website. i wrote a CV and put it to Linkedin, monster, indeed, stackoverflow. I sent job application. if you were reluctant to apply jobs, don’t worry, they will call you. then you are preparing your interview. this is my personal experiences. I don’t know the situation in south africa, but i believe the IT industry in most countries don’t really care about the degree or certification thing that much, what they want is you are able to prove you can program software. I mean, to be honest, a CS degree, a AWS, Azure or Google certification, or Udacity degree do make you have big advantage for getting a job, they do help, you can get some online university degree, or cloud service certifications or online coding bootcamp, if you think you need. but it is not a must, like ArieLeslie said, it is more important to prove you can do things. as long as you keep learning and creating projects, you will get a position in this industry. good luck.

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