Will I gain anything from FreeCodeCamp?

So prior to FreeCodeCamp, I knew a lot about web development. I looked at this forum for the first time today, and saw that people were getting jobs from just the front-end developer course!

This is so shocking to me because prior to FreeCodeCamp, I knew HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JS, jQuery, little bit of AngularJS, and PHP. I did not think I could get a job at my level for some reason though.

Will I gain anything front-end-wise from FreeCodeCamp? Am I ready to start applying to jobs?

Thanks for the advice in advance.

The truth is that very few got their first job ‘just’ from the front end course. If you read the testimonials carefully you’ll see that what really secures the deal for most is the willingness to work hard at producing high quality portfolios of decent projects, finding numerous other sources to supplement their learning and taking every opportunity to engage in networking, through meet-ups and the like.

Freecodecamp certainly helps in giving you the roadmap and the project list that points you in the right direction, and the community is great for help and extension where it’s needed, but ultimately the only thing that will get you a job is you :wink:


The truth most probably is that the industry is not looking for coders but for solutions. In todays world, where systems get more and more complex and diverse and time for solutions is getting shorter and shorter, the industry is no longer looking for generic coders, but ready made template projects and hands on experience they can use upfront.
The keyword here is portfolio. If you can show evidence that you are not “just” a terrific coder but also a respected team member, excellent communicator, whiteboard specialist that can absorb and deliver ideas and concept accross teams, THEN you are starting to become interesting.
Concerning fcc: Here you will “just” learn programming skills. That’s the most easy, and less looked part of an IT job. So fcc alone will you most probably not get a job.


The projects you do here will be your portfolio showing potential employers that you are capable of doing and not just learning. That could certainly put you above other candidates that they’re considering!


I agree that a Portfolio is highly important.
However I am not sure, whether a fcc participation should be noted. I mean, the gap between the fcc-plumbing and real life projects is massiv.

Yes, but the point isn’t to show that you alone can do the same thing as a professional team of experienced developers, just that you have the skills and the drive to be a part of that team. Finishing the front-end certificate places the inexperienced coder in a much better place than if they tried to get a junior dev job with nothing but a resume and a handshake.


Just a thought on this:
When potential employers might be so keen on fcc-members: Why do they not show more presence on THIS platform ? I mean: when fcc coders might qualify in the top ranks - as many of you seem to believe - why should an enterpreneur miss the chance to get them upfront HERE ?
Just wondering.

Yeah, exactly: There are platforms that are primarily made for recruiters (paying the bill) assisting them with a bunch of support during their recuiting process. FCC does not have such fancies.
So why should a recruiter look into fcc, or even how he will ever know about it ?
Isn’t this an argument for fcc NOT being the high profile platform some folks in here might think it should be ?
I do not want to demotivate anybody here, but I think some common sense about what fcc is and what it is not is important.

I 100% agree with you.
Had just the impression some folks here see it differently. Maybe I am wrong.

I think it’s good to remark that Free Code Camp, while an incredible curriculum, is also a global community of people who are interested in code, many of whom are trying to self-educate their way into a new career.

That means you have access to people ahead of and behind you in this journey willing to share their experiences and help you solve problems. Just yesterday I had a problem which I solved in minutes last night by posting here about that.

For someone interested in learning to code like me these observations make Free Code Camp a tremendous and invaluable resource.

Not to mention the killer project portfolio you get in return for your work here!


I’m going through the course now, and SOMEDAY, I hope to get a sweet dev job that pays a ton of money (don’t dash this dream against the rocks please, hehe). That being said, I have been searching through the forums and I’m not seeing the answer I’m looking for. It is pretty weird IMO that folks are finishing the front-end cert. and asking about jobs.

I guess I can start to cut this short for now. SO - assuming I finish…no, WHEN I complete FCC’s courses and finish the non-profit projects, do you guys think that it would be enough knowledge/experience to land and SUCCEED with a dev career? Or, do you think there is more training that would be required?

I need to set a course for my ‘boatload of money’ dev job, so if more training/formal training is required I’d like to know. I guess, “what would make me a high price target?” is what I’m asking.

Are you coding for only the money aspect or do you actually really enjoy writing the code?

Short answer, a bit of both.
Both of my parents were coders, back when computers were the size of volkswagons and throughout their careers due to that I’ve always been into it. I could get into all the cute stuff about how creating a solution to a problem gets the blood pumping but I won’t.

I just want to know if anyone has successfully completed the courses and it was enough knowledge.

I dont know how to say it without it sounding bad, but I want to know that all the time I’m putting into this is going to lead to something that can help me reach my goals.
Realistically, I know a bit more than before I started butI retention has always been a difficulty of mine. p1xt has a lot of resources that I’m looking into and @p1xt, thanks for a contributions to the forums. I have been looking over your posts when I need a break and the info you have is immensely helpful.

The point of FCC (from my understanding and experience so far - 4 months in) is that it guides you with specific challenges and projects. The amount of time you will need to spend elsewhere to help you along the way - i.e. MDN, Stack Overflow, YouTube, learning sites, Wikipedia, books, forums, etc … will probably surpass the amount of time you actually spend on FCC challenges and projects. So in the end, FCC will have been a road map for your learning, and not your single learning source.

I think the FCC curriculum exceeds in guiding people who are interested and curious about the subject matter and focus their passion in a way that would be useful in getting a job in the field later; that is, you build lots of useful things with in-demand technologies.

Yes. This has been addressed ad nauseam in the forums and elsewhere, but suffice it to say that volunteers wouldn’t be pouring thousands of valuable development and teaching time into something that was anything less than enough. However, the non-profit work is basically an internship that provides the full experience of working as a full-stack developer, which puts graduates way ahead of other, less experienced job candidates. I’d say that’s more than enough.

Also keep in mind that plenty of campers have gotten jobs before they ever finished the non-profit work, as well.

There is no “or” about it - you will be continually learning for the rest of your career. That is a requirement for all programmers, especially web developers. You will - will - get to your first job and have to pick up some new skills right away. Management will be anticipating this. In fact, they’re probably budgeting a few months where you’ll be basically useless as you’re learning the ropes and getting your head around their software, practices, and culture.

I wish I could thank you guys enough. These were not only the things I wanted to hear but the things I was really hoping to hear! I also, want to that you guys for being active and helpful on the forums.

I was thinking of the nonprofits as an “internship”, it is a relief to see that this is the case, so can now drop the quotations on internship.

Not to knock anyone but I don’t think I want to settle for just enough to get me a job. I want to catch em all on this one. Before my current job and this training, I was a commercial diver–without getting into too much detail, I knew the only way I would get ahead was to at least become a well-rounded diver. I want the same for this career path. Even if I’m not so bueno with JavaScript at the moment, I want to be proficient.

@p1xt So, funny story, ya know how I said I was looking into one of your articles…You must’ve known I was gunning for that one. Again, I am new here, with only a few weeks to speak of, but I have found you to be a great guide, even though this is the first time we have had correspondence.
Not to say no one else’s posts haven’t been helpful.

Again, thanks guys. BUT, don’t think you are off the hook just yet. I only just started this path and I will be reaching out to you for help and insight whenever the road gets rocky and I’m looking for a break.