I got certification ; where can I go?


I am not sure if this was asked before and I apologize for the repetition. This is something specific so I wanted to make sure that I ask specifically what I am curious about.

I have always struggled with titles of jobs that I can apply for with skills that I have so I was just curious about the completion of all the certificates and what kind of jobs can we look for?

Thank you for any help!

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I just look for things where the “required skills” match the things that I can do (and enjoy doing).


I go onto sites like indeed, glassdoor, stack overflow, angel.co, etc. and search for keywords, like javascript, node, react, etc. What do you want to work with? If you want something more generic, “web developer” or “web programmer”.

But the certificates are largely irrelevant. Certificates don’t get you a job. An impressive portfolio, and great interview, and some luck get you a job.

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Thank guys @ArielLeslie and @kevinSmith !!!

I will definitely take this ; I was more referring to people who are newbies in the world of web development ; I am pretty sure they would not know where to go.

Hey guys
Here I am back on FCC a year and a half later and I am still struggling with finding employment within the web development field.
What “hurts” more than anything is the fact when I apply for jobs
a) Most of the people do not even call me still despite the cover letter and resume
b) Even the ones that call, when I mention I have a certificate from FCC, they ask “What is that?”

I am stuck; I am not sure what to do.
I feel like I am not advancing in any way shape or form which is why I have not done anything here for the past year (birth of my son was also additional reason but …)

Can someone, please, help me with this matter?

Thank you in advance.

Some ideas:

Have you had anyone review your portfolio and resume?

From reading other posts here, the advice about the certificate is not to rely on that to demonstrate your skills, rather use it as a part of what you describe your learning process was. Demonstrate your skills with your portfolio.

I looked at your website. I don’t speak the language, but clicking around I found that many of the links did not work or linked to the same page. It seemed to lack a lot of info in the about, project, news sections etc. But that could also be me not knowing the language. But if there is anything you put out there that employers see or is part of your portfolio try to clean up bugs, ask for reviews to find bugs. The employer will see the bugs and that will hurt your chances of landing a job.

And like everyone says keep building projects because you will continue to o learn.

My website has been “long gone” because I did not see the purpose of keeping it. I was not getting any visitors nor was there anything happening.
My biggest thing that I want to get some assistance now is the purpose of getting all the certifications from FCC if I am not getting any employment from them and many people do not even know who FCC is.

I looked at your web page because you still have a link to it in your profile. If it’s “long gone” maybe remove the link, employers could see it.

I won’t repeat myself. My previous post with ideas comes from the general consensus of the fCC forum after reading many posts here. The purpose of the certificates is to learn. The “paper” doesn’t matter you could have a computer science college degree, but that degree doesn’t guarantee a job. You still need to demonstrate your skills (and to be clear I’m not saying you don’t have skills).

Just trying to help, don’t hang your hat on the paper, hang it on your skills.

It’s not so much paper as to whether I am gaining something other than learning and building projects that are going to be on my GitHub.

As I said, I personally had a few people ask me “What is that?” as in they did not know what FreeCodeCamp is yet I spent hours and hours working on projects to get myself certified.

How is this different from any other learning environment? You are only going to get out of it what you put in. It’s not Harvard or MIT if that is the comparison you are trying to make. But look at some of the most successful people in the tech industry that are college dropouts. Learning and building projects is the point. The certificate indicates you finished the project correctly, per the project requirements.

Was this people interviewing you? If it was you already had your foot in the door. So if they never heard of it, it didn’t matter to them.

Otherwise, turn that negative into a positive and speak about how much you learned through fCC, share the mission of teaching people to code for free, tell them about the process and your personal learning process.

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