freeCodeCamp Challenge Guide: Test if an Array Contains an Item

Test if an Array Contains an Item

Problem Explanation

To begin, locate the file “tests/1_unit_tests.js” and scroll to the suite of tests for ‘Arrays’.

This file contains multiple suites of tests for the project, and this challenge requires you to make the tests in /** 12 */ pass.


Hint 1

The assertions are checking against variables defined before the ‘Arrays’ suite of tests, check carefully whether the array includes the value being asserted.

Hint 2

The lines in the test should be changed from to either assert.include() or assert.notInclude().

Hint 3

assert.include() and assert.notInclude() parameters take the form (haystack, needle, message) where the needle is what you are searching for in the haystack. The message provides feedback where there is an error.


Solution 1 (Click to Show/Hide)
/** 12 - #include vs #notInclude **/
test('Array #include, #notInclude', function() {
  assert.notInclude(winterMonths, 'jul', "It's summer in july...");
  assert.include(backendLanguages, 'javascript', 'JS is a backend language !!');