FreeCodeCamp guide not working

Has anyone used the guide? When I click on the links nothing happens??

seems ok to me?

I can view all materials, but also I can not click some buttons in study materials. (Google chrome).

Can you tell us what browser you’re using and what operating system you’re on?

I’m on Linux and using Chrome and works for me. I think I have experienced the links not working at one point, but that was early when the Guide was being developed.

Can you please paste a link you are trying to access it. So that we can check whether link is correct and working.

I thought it was because I was on my ipad but on Google chrome and still not working:

That page pulls up fine for me.

I am on Chrome and nothing works when I click on them. =/

This happened to me on Chrome about a year ago, so one thing you could try is to make sure your browser is up to date. That might help with the links working.

It is now working yay!!