freeCodeCamp IRC?

I’m a fan of IRC. It’s extremely simple to use. I’ve been peeking into the ##freecodecamp channel on freenode. No one is ever there, but the channel is registered.

Perhaps no one is there because they don’t know it exists?

I’m gonna guess that’s the case - it’s not really advertised anywhere, even the Gitter chatrooms aren’t aswidely advertised as they used to be

I’m fairly confident that the channel wasn’t ever official. Like the Discord server(s) it was probably created by an enthusiastic group of campers who have since moved on. The Gitter rooms were the official FCC community space, but when the forum got up and running, it was moved to limited support. There’s also an official subreddit, but that was mostly a failed experiment.

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Yeah, I searched the forums and the web before posting this. Just one thread where someone was looking to configure gitter through irc.

I didn’t think it was. It’s a shame people don’t utilize these communities. :confused: