freeCodeCamp JavaScript Palindrome Checker

Hi all,

I have just completed my first certification project from the freeCodeCamp JavaScript course, and would love any feedback.

This first project was to build a palindrome checker. Nothing too complicated, but I’d appreciate it if anyone could have a look at my code and provide feedback. It has passed all of fCC’s automatic tests, but it would be great if an actual person could look it over to tell me what I did ‘correctly’ and what I could do more efficiently.

Live site here

GitHub repo here

Thank you!

Welcome to the forum @samhlking

By far the best CSS i’ve seen on one of these. Clean and simple. Love it!
Well done and congratulations!

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Thanks @Joseph1205

Appreciate the kind words. I think a lot of people doing the fCC projects just do the bare minimum in terms of design. All they care about is passing the test so they can get the certification!

I understand this approach, and used to be in the same boat when I was doing my responsive web design cert, but I think if you want to stand out at all, you need to make the projects look somewhat like a real product. Especially since the projects are displayed on your certificate page!

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Welcome to the forum @samhlking

Great looking palindrome checker app.

The JS looks very efficient.

Regarding the UI:

  • Maybe reword the definition of a palindrome.

Happy coding