FreeCodeCamp - Online Hackathons

I thought it would be great idea to organize FCC online hackathons.
I’m from Georgia and currently I’m studying in Vienna and there is a problem, there are no any hackathons in Vienna.
I’m learning code already 1.5 years and I want to create some small projects with awesome people, that’s why I decided that it would be great to organize FCC online hackathons for students who already earned Front-end certificate.

  • What will be prize?
    Unfortunately nothing, you can build projects only for your portfolio or maybe the team will decide to sell product or service.
    It would be great if Quincy could help us to make some certificates for winners.

  • How can team members contact each other?
    There are lots of ways that team can contact each other, for example: Google Hangout, Skype and etc.

####Example projects:

  • Small social media websites
  • Online marketplaces
  • Mobile apps
  • Web apps

It is just an idea, if Quincy will approve it and students want to involve in this project it would be awesome!
Maybe someone could help me to share my idea with Quincy.

Please add your ideas and questions below


i was just thinking about this today, something like would be super awesome! you could have an offense and a defense. You could have like a three day war , 1 team defends the server and the other sends attacks.

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That’s also great idea, but we need to know cyber security and linux very well to organize this kind of event.
Here in FCC we are oriented on web and mobile development and for our community I think just building web projects is better.

this is true, but i would not limit FCC to just mobile and web development, although it is probably WAY too soon to integrate security side courses. Long story short - I agree with you, but it is possible and I believe one day it could be implemented WAY down the road.

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A blog post, mention in weekly email newsletter and some brownie points :tada: would be more than enough I guess.

But that’s a great idea!

There are plenty of well expirienced developers/sysadmins involved as volunteers in FCC.

We are oriented on learning how to learn Programming and staff. AFAIK a couple of years ago it was the initial purpose of FCC, to help people learn coding. Webdev it’s just an easy way how you can get involved in Programming faster :innocent:
Despite the fact that tremendous amount of particular things have changed in FCC, the main line still the same, I guess. (I hope :D)

I’m looking forward to first FCC hackathon!


It’s awesome that you are interested :slight_smile:

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I really like the Hackathons idea and it would be great if FCC organize online events like that once or twice a year maybe.
Capture the Flag idea is also great and I think it is easier as Facebook released its CTF platform on github
it looks great and there can be different themed events on web dev. programming …etc

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