Judges needed for FCC campsite hackathon

Hi Campers! A couple of US-based campsites including mine are putting together a hackathon on May 6th, with judging to happen on May 7th. We’ll have at least three teams competing and we’re using a games theme this time around. If this event goes well we’ll be looking to expand and improve it in the future.

We need judges! We’re looking for five judges that are willing to give honest opinions on the games our competitors will be making over the course of a single day. We ask that these judges either be professional developers or people who have completed the full-stack certificate here at FCC.

All games will be HTML5 based and available on-line.

Interested? Just reply here or shoot me a message with your email address and I’ll respond ASAP. Thanks in advance!

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Other than mine there’s two that I know of, but I’m not sure they want their names shouted out right now. If they okay it I’ll post the specific groups.

My group is CodeSLO, out in California.

I’m bumping this in another attempt to get some community love here.

Maybe I should share more of our vision. What we (the other groups and I) are trying to do is basically a pilot for a hackathon that would eventually include any FCC Campsite that wants to join in. I think this would be a fantastic resource for our community as I don’t know a single person who was new to coding, went to a hackathon, and came away without learning a ton and having a great experience. The whole genesis of this idea was another post on this forum where someone suggested that an FCC hackathon should exist. It should and it can! We just have to get it off the ground.

We definitely need judges, though! It shouldn’t be super time consuming since there are only a small number of teams competing. All you’ll have to do is look at the games produced, and rank the competitors from 1 to lowest. That will give each team a certain number of points, and the combined points scored will give us a winner.

Now can we find judges in other ways? Sure we can. Wouldn’t it be great, though, if an FCC hackathon was judged by members of the FCC community?

Any help MUCH appreciated. Thanks!

You are limiting your options. I will rule myself out because I am going to be on holiday at this time but good luck. Maybe you should directly target some of the best people: https://fcctop100.herokuapp.com/

Yeah I definitely don’t think I communicated about this well. Thanks for the feedback.

The goal is definitely to make this open to the whole community, we’re starting with a small pilot though, so we can learn from it. Kind of like how when learning to code you don’t just decide to build Amazon.com as a first project. Start small and build. That’s our philosophy with this, anyway.

I think your point about having teams that aren’t limited to certain campsites is interesting. I’ll put some thought into that for the future.

We can find judges though, no worries about not wanting to participate. It’s definitely up the individual!

That’s definitely true, but I think it lends the competition some credibility if the judges are more experienced. I was actually under the impression there were quite a few professionals on this board acting as mentors, but maybe not?

I am helping organize this with @slocodemonkey and my local campsite in Indianapolis, IN is participating as well as one other campsite in Indiana so far.

We are hoping to find just a few judges who aren’t a part of the participating campsites. I don’t think there will be much work involved in judging since we are setting everything up. It might take a few hours of your time.

I have helped run a few local hackathons now but this will be my first remote one.
Hopefully, we can get all the kinks out and open this up to many more teams of campers in the near future.

I like the idea of being able to work with remote teams too. I think that’s something we will definitely do next time so people can just enter as a team or find a team from anywhere to compete.

Which I guess is another opportunity for judges with this: since we’re holding this event to figure out how to do a larger one, this is a chance to help shape what the end result will look like.