Why FCC should not create a Free Lance Website for our FCC campers

Hi I’m a camper. I completed two certifications in FCC and I’m on last project for my third certificate. I find it extremely difficult to open a profile at any freelance website. Because each of those websites requires to build a portfolio from ground. But here in our FCC we build some portfolio while we learn about web development and helping non-profits. After completing Three or Four certifications I think campers will be ready for professional work. For people who can’t find a work in their local or can’t travel away from their native place for work would want to work from home, I’m like them. But all freelancing websites suck!. So I request FCC please build a Free Lancing website which will be a lot helpful for campers like me. I want all you campers please upvote this if you also want a Free lance website for us.


Not to give you a smart ass answer but why don’t you build it? You have the tools you need to build it? Then share it with the community :smile: my own brand as a web design agency to get paid work while I was learning. Awesome idea and I really hope you do it :grin: It would also be a top notch portfolio piece to talk about in interviews


That’s like asking Uber to build a bridge. FCC already has a lot on it’s plate, being a freelancer won’t be easy in any platform, there will always be competition and you will always have to gain trust. Freelancing is selling your work for someone else, if you don’t have any previous work to prove that you know what you’re doing, why should anyone trust you in the first place? And if you don’t have any previous work, why don’t you build something? Take freelancing projects that rejected you and build it anyway, then add it to your portfolio.
There is no easy way, even if FCC were to build such a platform, people would overshadow you inevitably, people with better portfolio, experience or prices.


If fcc team want to build it all camper portfolios will be authenticated easily. I know it’s not right to ask them but to build it , but some if any one of core team members guide me I’m ready to build it.


I’m not asking to make it easy. If a person can help non-profits and he/she can’t find work in their local as he/she has built some nice portfolio in FCC definitely can do professional work.

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Why would FCC build such a site? It provides knowledge and challenges. There are other sites that are dedicated specifically to find developer jobs like monster.com, stackoverflow has job listings and so on.

Not to sound pretentious but if you have 2 of 4 certs you really could build such a site by yourself.


If ever you really decide to do it contact me I am in for it :smiley: we can build it together mail me at atharvajava@gmail.com

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I can build it . But Who give me access to FCC server for camper portfolio scrutiny? An I’m pretty sure If FCC core team helps the site will be lot more efficient. In all Freelance sites all our fcc projects my not be vauled(credited). But here FCC we can easily decide a camper to be qualified for a work.

Hello @bunnyvishal6 I may be misunderstanding what you are saying, but some freelance sites DO allow you to link in your work from Github and Codepen, so you do not have to build it up from the ground.

You supply your freelancer profile educational information, past work history, your areas of expertise, and link in examples of your work.

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You can just make a portfolio site and show off projects that you have made and all your earned certs. and also add your GitHub and FCC so employers will see what you have made. Then start applying to jobs that state that you can work remotely. As I’ve said there are other sites that offer job offers from companies that you can apply to.

@rickstewart If FCC has Free Lance site all campers after certifications CAN work and get some money until they find a job else where. IF we have our own Freelance website we get more credibility for our work as FCC know how much potential does the camper has. And In some freelancing websites they are taking fees for conducting exams and giving certificates but that would be lot of amount. But here can we do that type of things (like examination) in less money.

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Hi @bunnyvishal6 I understand what you are saying, and agree with you that it would have some advantages to having FCC host a freelance site. But look at it from the client side, not the freelance side. Most clients looking for a freelancer are nervous to start with, they are worried about hiring someone over the Internet, and about getting scammed, or wasting their money, etc… People looking to hire a freelancer are looking for as much protection as they can, and that means hiring freelancers from one of a small group of professional freelancer sites. You would not get many clients hiring freelancers from a school hosted freelancer website because the chances of having a bad experience is so much greater. The professional freelance websites put a LOT of effort into screening their freelancers and making sure only the good ones win contracts and the bad ones get weeded out early. There is no way FCC could put that kind of effort into a freelance website, and without that kind of screening effort it would certainly fail. You also have details like escrow of client money, dispute resolution, tracking individual freelancer success rates and grading them, lots of ongoing extra work that needs to be done.

You don’t have to spend any money up front on some of the freelance sites, they instead take a percentage of your earnings. Tests on some of these sites are also free. Maybe take a closer look at what they have to offer you, I think you may be pleasantly surprised

And good luck!


@rickstewart Yes I too agree that clients will panic and yes there will be lot of extra work. But we campers are helping non-profits right? We can restrict free lance website to selected people by FCC . FCC can charge (not for curriculum though) to convert a camper to freelancer for TESTS and all other OVERHEADS it can be possible economically. Even though it is not possible now only FCC can make it possible in near feature. And I agree it takes alot of effort but I hope it will be worthful. And even FCC get some money for the servers and curriculum expansion.

Here is your answer.


All what you wrote basically boils down to this: "I’m not able to do this or haven’t even really tried and I’m too lazy to do something about it so someone has to do it for me."
Even if you say “for campers like me” it’s clear what you really mean is “for me”.

But that’s not how it works - reality is that nothing will be given out to you on a silver platter. If something doesn’t work you just have to bite the bullet and do something about it.

If you tried to apply for client work on those freelancing sites and you didn’t get it it’s not because “all freelancing websites suck” it’s because your profile/portfolio/price is less attractive than that of someone else. Easy as that. No imaginary FCC freelancing site would help you with that.

And the fix is easy as well: Improve your portfolio.

I know it sounds smart ass-ish but that’s what you have to do. Even though the FCC projects are a nice starting point for a portfolio, 99.9% of the time they won’t be enough. That goes especially for the frontend and dataviz certs.

So instead of trying to compete with your JS calculator and random quote machine against people with real client work in their portfolio find out what those people with successful portfolios have on theirs and / or think about what potential clients / employers would like to see and just build something similar to that.
“Fake it until you make it!” - even if you have no clients yet you can use something like http://briefbox.me/ to get an idea on what to build or like suggested, just build the projects that you got rejected for anyways.

In any case, don’t stand still, don’t blame anyone else - just do something!


IF FCC ever builds one. FCC will become more saturated that the regular freelancer sites. You will quickly be overshadowed. Its not feasable for FCC. And cam also damage its reputation due to desertation by other campers due to clashes with other campers(sellers)

If you are serious about this. I would like to help building such a platform. Heck, even if we fail we would have tried to build something real. If we are successful we can later ask FCC to integrate it with their system. If you are interested, we can take it forward. PM me.

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FCC is open source…you can learn how to query the campers portfolio and certificate verifications by reviewing the source code I would think.

it’s a great idea…but FCC is ALL VOLUNTER and open source.

You don’t need to convince anyone this is a good idea. Just start building it, create a code depo in github, invite others and let them know how to take part.

the “FCC Team” is just people like you and me who are dedicated and committed.


I’m new here, but from what I can see, the main site already looks like a huge undertaking that is still being worked on.

Would be an interesting large-scale community project, though, wouldn’t it? :slight_smile:

I feel a bit lost here. What exactly is the problem and the proposed solution?