FCC can lead you to make a good profil

Hello everybody
I just wanna ask you all and mainly the people who found jobs as web developers after pursuing the program of FCC…i started a few days a go and i’ve been learning only basic things…this is really helpful to start with these big projects and make a goof profil to get a job ?
Please share with me your experiences

Nothing is certain. But yes, the FCC program and the portfolio you build can help you land a job.

I had a little (not much) coding experience from decades ago in a different language. I finished the FCC curriculum and started doing meetups and a little open source. I kept building projects, things that I wanted to build, but it forced me to learn new libraries and ideas. I taught myself React Native, which led to my current job. I eventually did a little freelance work. It was just short of the two year mark when I got offered a good job. I had to move, but it is my foot in the door. ymmv

That was two years of hard work, making a lot of sacrifice. And I have an aptitude for this. It will also depend on where you live and how well you interview. Luck plays a part too. But if you keep learning and building things, eventually you will intersect with what the market needs.

But this is not a “get a cool job fast” scenario. This is a “work hard and learn and build and eventually get your foot in the door of an exploding career path with tremendous possibilities”.

But it’s going to take hard work and it’s going to seem like it is taking forever. Don’t focus on the job, focus on learning and eventually building things. That is what impresses people, not the FCC certificates. Those are a cool way for you to keep track of your progress, but what they will really care about is what you know and what you’ve build. The FCC projects are a good start for that.


Thank you a lot for your detailed reply !!:smiley: