Will the FCC Projects help get a job?

What I am asking is if I do enough of the projects that are in the certifications path. Can i use those for my resume and have them as adequate projects that I have done for future employments or do I need to do some others outside of this website? I am open for any suggestions that will help me!

A little backstory.
I took a year off of studying web development after two years of applying for jobs and no answers, so i got discourage. Now I am back here to re-teach myself some code and do the projects. I have a github with other projects I’ve done with udemey but that seem to not help me land a job.

Yes, they will help. Some other, larger projects would be great. Some professional projects would be even better. But yes, the FCC projects will help, certainly when compared to “nothing”. They won’t impress so eone looking for a senior dev, but someone looking for and entry level position, definite possibility.

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ok thanks, thats really all i need. I am giving myself a year before applying again.

I would still apply. Maybe not putting too much effort on it if you want to focus on learning, but I’d at least keep my eye open and send out a few applications here and there. You never know when opportunity will strike.