Will FCC projects help me land a job?

My plan is to finish the old FCC curriculum because I already did front end projects before new curriculum. After a long break I finished React projects from old curriculum. Now I’m doing microservice projects and then I’ll do full stack projects using MERN stack. If i finish all those projects and put everything on a portfolio and github, and if i understand and can explain every single line of the code i wrote, will it help me get a job? Are those projects (FCC old curriculum projects) big and complex enough for employers to look at and take me seriously?

Building the projects well will help you ensure that you have the necessary skills to be qualified for a job. The majority of potential employers are unlikely to look at your portfolio or your GitHub profile, so what you gain from the experience is the most valuable part of the projects.

I’m not convinced that this is the case. Really, what else do employers have to go by when looking to employ a new developer?

Speaking from my own personal experience - yes, FCC projects can help you land a job. This is my wikipedia viewer project - it played an important role in me being hired by my current employer: https://stormy-refuge-47375.herokuapp.com/

The projects in FCC are as good as you make them. In order to serve as an asset, they should lack obvious bugs, work in a way that a real user would expect, and look visually appealing (yes, design and CSS are important). Ideally, they would also showcase your creativity in some form and signal that you take pride in your work.

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i expected to see another generic wiki viewer, but yours looks sick!
I understand what you mean by saying to make projects visualy appealing. I’ll definitely redesign all my projects before applying.

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All front-end projects on FCC and my GitHub profile activity got me hired…
i would definitely say yes FCC projects would get you that job

Hey. I know this was posted a year ago, but right now, I’m trying hard to find a way to get a better CV and a better portfolio, in order to get a job. So, I would like to ask you, did you include your projects in your CV, or did you only provide a (Github) link to them? I often hear that most recruiters don’t really check your github profile. One more question, what was the job’s position that those projects helped you get? Thanks.