Will FCC projects help me to win projects on Upwork?

Hi, I am currently learning web development with FreeCodeCamp and from other resources, so should I show the employers on freelance marketplaces my projects required to get certification on FCC or would It make me look like a naive developer, and would it turn off the employers?

What could it hurt?

Can you get work with your Calculator and Heat Map projects? The odds are low, but not impossible. There could be some people that need some very basic web pages - but then the competition for those will be fierce.

Better yet is to take the knowledge and keep building more and more complicated apps, learning new things as you go. Keep applying and eventually your skills will grow and the odds of getting a job will grow with it.

My personal experience was that I built the old full stack projects (from the old curriculum), kept building things, did a little non-profit work (that didn’t amount to much), kept learning React and eventually React Native, which got me a few Upwork jobs, that led to getting a “real” job. #ymmv

But what is the harm in applying? Even getting rejected is a learning opportunity - you see what people want and that can help you’re learning. They aren’t going to form a little “anti-huzaifa” club and keep you from getting future jobs. Most of them won’t remember you the next day.

Apply for jobs. Try to be reasonable and realistic. Keep learning and keep building.


I’ve looked into the freelancing thing. It seems like both Upwork and Fiverr are massive waste of time. I mean, you’re going to end up sitting in front of your computer all day long looking for gigs that pay $3/hr. (Possibly take years to build up that reputation too.)

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They are tough places to make it, granted. And there is a lot of competition, for sure, competition sometimes in countries with much lower standards of living so they work for a lot less. But some of that might also have to do with what you are selling. If you are selling. If you are offering HTML and CSS, well, there are a lot of people that can do that. When I put myself on there, I was able to get some OK paying work as a React Native developer, which gave me the confidence and experience I need to land a “real” job. #ymmv

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