Why cant we have paid help section?

I strongly feel that there should be paid help section in fcc. Something like hackhands . Right now, I am stuck in react part. I feel like I need someone’s help to get through it.

I feel likeI need one to one help. I need to talk to someone, show him my code and try to get his review on my code. Sometimes, I am stuck and the help in chat rooms doesnt make sense to me. Thats where I think I can use one to one help.

I am willing to pay money. So, why cant we have classified section, where coders can post their ads. Buy sell section?

Something like this

Coder ready to help student in react projects.I charge $10 per hour and method of communication will be zoom.us meeting tool.

I am pretty sure, it will help lot of students in clearing their challenges. On the other hand, students can earn from their newly acquired skills. If anyone can help me in clearing react projects. Please message me.

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The FCC would have to handle disputes between people who paid money and didn’t like the help they received as well as people who helped and didn’t receive payment.

I think trying to find someone to pair with you in gitter is probably your best bet.

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The main goal of free code camp is to be absolutely free… so, it would not go accordingly to FCC values.


@zcassini and @luisfmelo looks like some 3rd party site has to be developed for this. I think FCC goal should be to change people’s lives through coding. The core structure can remain free. What do you guys think about “paid help” channel on gitter?

I’m a true defender of open source. I think that, there are tools for that like the one you mentioned and if someone want to help 1 on 1 he can get that.

But, my ideals are “Free Share of Knowledge”.

I help anyone who is interested in learning more like some people have helped me before.

We are a great community !


I agree @luisfmelo . FCC has been life changer for me. But some time, people need little more hand holding which isnt possible in simple chats. The issue with hackhands is their lowest rate is $60 per hour. Hackhands is more suitable if you are building project and need hints from experienced coders.

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what I can suggest, @ankur1163, is a creation of some kind of platform (free)

@luisfmelo that should be dream come true. If we can build free platform, What you are saying is coders will be ready to give one on on ehelp for free? I am pretty sure, it can be of 15-30 minutes.

I feel like if we make it open source, like its completely free. We will not get too much interest. Some form of $$ needs to be involved to get coders interested in it.

I ask you personal question. If someone ask you to give him personal time for 10 minutes as he need some help in understanding wikipedia project. Will you do it for free?
For me, I have helped 4-5 people for free. It was one on one session and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Today, I was 1 hour with one camper via skype and c9 explaining cloud9, git, bower, project set-up,…

I offer my services anytime needed… Of course that, if I have too much work, i can not help but otherwise… why not?

One day could be me …

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I think paid help is not a bad idea at all, and it’s certainly not outside of the Free Software ethos, but there are several reasons why it shouldn’t be officially associated with freeCodeCamp in any way. As zcassini mentioned, payment disputes can arise. Also, what if someone offers to help and is simply unable to? What if their “new acquired skills” are simply not solid enough to teach? I’ve argued in the past that every graduate of the program should be required to produce some teaching material, but that it’s more for the student’s benefit than anyone else. Being a good teacher and a good coder are different skills, and there are risks to the community by officiating a free market of tutelage.

Have you posted any of your questions here on the forum? I tend to stay away from Gitter because it’s simply too chaotic and calls for help get washed away too easily. Here, I strive to make sure that no one’s request for help or review go unanswered. Try making a new thread with whatever question you have (and please post your CodePen, if you are using it, or a link to your full code if possible). I can’t guarantee a response time, but you’re pretty likely to get the help you need.


How much you charged for it? @luisfmelo

The whole point of FCC is to not to rely on sources available online, through resources (tutorials, books, open-source stuff) and community. Quincy has said that FCC is to remain free and never charge money. Also, one thing that bugs me about your post is that you keep referring to the gender that will help you to review your code as “him.” That assumes that you can’t get expert help from women.


@ALINATSUI ha ha , I am not gender biased. Its just How I structure sentences. I am willing to learn from females or transgenders as well :slight_smile:

I just want to learn :slight_smile:

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As many have said I think it would be a problem for the staff having to deal with people getting scammed, or disputes about payment or services provided not being as useful as expected.

Besides that, many people would stop helping others for free. I know I wouldn’t be the only one tempted to stop contributing and helping others and just charge them. I personally have gotten offers to pay for tutoring and while I need the money I try to avoid this.

I suggest making friends with people who knows the material so that they will be more likely to spend more time helping you out, after all we can’t just help others we all have other things to do.


It makes sense that this just isn’t the business that Quincy wants to be in. This forum is an excellent place for people who have tried other paid tutoring platforms to talk about their experiences and recommend different services.

I am one of many people in the community who is happy to give my time freely when I can to work with people one-on-one or more casually on Gitter or in here. Even though I enjoy doing this, I would not choose to go back to being a paid tutor again: certainly not for less than the $60/hr that @ankur1163 mentioned. It’s a very different dynamic than what naturally arises in FCC’s community the way it currently exist. I think that it makes sense to use this community to discuss and recommend paid tutoring or coursework, but also not to try to add it as a service to FCC itself. This is just my own experience, but I’ve found Codecademy less enjoyable since they added the paid instruction and coursework to their service.

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What would be truly fantastic is we had a way to rate our skills. Something like ELO that competitive video games use.

Everyone would benefit by being able to pair with someone above their skill level and someone below their skill level.

With as big as fcc has gotten it would seem that there should always be some of higher level to teach you or of a lower level for you to teach (which really helps cement what you have learned.)

No one benefits from pairing with someone bellow their level, only above or in some marginal cases ont eh same level. With that said as a former chess player which is where I base my answer off, no one will want to pair with someone bellow them unless they are friends. So I doubt this is a good idea.

I can’t disagree with you more. Here’s a small article explaining the theory.

Yes, as you explain it you get to understand it better, but do you really progress? You get to know what you knew better and maybe learn better about it, but unless the one that knows less actually brings up something new to you that would force you to actually learn something new then the only getting the most benefits is the one with lesser ELO until he or she gets to the other’s level and then moves on to someone new.

I would say that a deeper understanding of the material is one very important way to define progress.

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