FreeCodeCamp Portfolio Is Gone! How do I view my projects?

In the recent update of FreeCodeCamp I have found that when I go to my page ( my projects are no longer listed there.

I used to use this as a way of gathering all of the work I have done through FreeCodeCamp in one place for both friends and potential contracts. However, now I have no way to access it. I read in one place that I could visit but that seems to take me to the same page.

The old functionality had links to all of my projects, now it just takes users to the description of the challenge completed. My projects are nowhere to be found.

For privacy reasons user information is no longer defaulted to public. Go to your settings page to choose what appears on your portfolio.

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When I go to my settings page everything is currently set to public.

Try toggling them to private and then back to public.

I just tried that and still no luck. Are you able to see your projects on your portfolio page? I see a list, but there is no way to view my projects anymore.

The public portfolio has a list of completed challenges. If you want to see the solutions to your JavaScript projects, they are in your settings page. Your other projects are external to FCC.

But they did not used to be that way. I used to be able to go to my project page and all of the links took me to my completed projects. I used to put this link on my resume for that very reason, all of my projects were in one place.

There was even a place at the bottom of the page where I could add outside projects, making it a great place to send people to see some of my work.

Why was this functionality changed? Am I able to make a suggestion to change it back?

I mean… the second FCC project is to create a portfolio page specifically to showcase the things you’ve built. You’d get a lot more benefit out of updating that. I wasn’t part of the decision to change the portfolio, so I can’t tell you what factors were considered or whether there is an intention to bring some part of that functionality back.