"FreeCodeCamp" product landing page

Hello i just finished my Product Landing Page and i would appreciate some feedback! As usually i have high priority on the responsiveness of the page!

Product Landing Page

I still have 2 issues:

  • the bootstrap collaps button shows the wrong color on active … couldn’t fix it till now
  • the button on the bottom overlaps right a little bit

thanks :slight_smile:


Looks good.
I guess, if it were mine, I would center the ‘Description’, ‘Features’, ‘Review’ and ‘Newsletter’ headers upon screen-size reduction. And, maybe text-align: center the text below the ‘Newsletter’ header upon collapse as well.

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Thank you! I adjusted it the way i’d like the most. Also i figured out how to make the button look better, and i figured out how which properties i had to change to make the colors of the toggle button right! I’m happy with the result!

Id like the logo in the nav responsive tho… so the nav wouldn’t look so weird when on smaller screens! I mean the logo is responsive, but the toggle button jumpes to the next row first…

Looks great! I like how smoothly it scales. I’ve just finished my landing page project but I’m struggling with breakpoints because it’s pretty much a guessing game for me (just Chrome’s developer tool). Can you tell me what tools do you use for live preview when it comes to responsive design? Thanks in advance.

Hey, to be honest I also use the google dev tool. I don’t really think there is another way. If there is I’d be curious too.

While waiting for your response, I tried Firefox 63.03 and I find it much easier to work with but very far from good. Still hoping to find nice editor with live preview and a ruler

Maybe have all the “Enter your email” showing if you don’t write ‘email’ anywhere else?

Also, after closing the keyboard on that field I am redirected at the top of the page

Good responsiveness tho

Thats a good point! Good eye. I fixed it! For people with less than 250px width … well buy another phone!
I don’t know about the thing that redirects you to the top… on my phone not even the Anchor Hyperlinks work…