Freecodecamp Project: Build a random quote machine

I’m stuck on this project. I’ve been following a tutorial word for word, but only half the tests are operating so far. Can anyone help?
And also, does anyone have advice for how to eventually work without tutorials? Thanks!


You will get the first questions answered in the forum “project feedback”.
Please post your code there, people will need to see the code base to help you.

Second question: As a developer, you will keep using tutorials for the rest of your career.

Just avoid the bad ones :
Someone builds an entire project in front you, no progress and you will land in tutorial hell.
Nothing wrong with tutorials for single elements of your projects, like a React hook that you never used before.

Will do, thank you!
That’s interesting that you continue to use tutorials long term; I truly thought it was just for beginners like me! That’s very reassuring
However, I’ve been using tutorials for the entirety of my projects, should I try and experiment before I use tutorials?
Thanks again!

No, just stay away from watching people building entire projects.
Use the ones you still need knowledge for. Also companies will frown
at you for experimenting on their money and time.

At this point you probably can build the fundamentals with JSX/ CSS.
After that look what your projects needs, if you are unsure with this event listener, check the documentary and implement it.

That’s how developers work, there’s simply too much to know, languages/ frameworks and other tools are changing too fast to keep everything in mind.

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Makes sense, thanks! It seems as long as there’s progress, that’s the most important thing.
I’m still not at a point where I can do anything from scratch yet, though it seems time and smart practice is the biggest factor.

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Hi, I have to join my man @ahmedshifa298 here in saying that I’m in the exact same spot. The challenges so far (in data visualization at least) have been very self-contained and very bite-sized (sometimes too small even), and then the projects are elephant-sized compared to that.

And you sometimes, especially when inexperienced, you just need someone to look at the requirements with you and start breaking it down in front of your eyes. To me (a former teacher), that is not an aberration to learning. That IS learning. So I think I would be stuck in tutorial hell if I DON’T watch the projects being built live in front of me. At least in the first few training periods (which could be up to three years,even, no?). I mean, this isn’t rocket science, true, but software is still a hard science to master.

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