Having real doubts

Hello everyone,

So I’m having a bit of a crises I’ve been teaching myself how to code for the last year while working a full time job, attending college(Information Technology), and having a baby. I made it through the html and css part on here and am currently 20% into the front-end developer on codecademy but I feel so lost when even thinking about starting my own project. I’ve followed some tutorials but I’m not sure if that’s the best way to learn. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

P.S. If any experienced coder would like to mentor myself or just stay in contact and review my code and give me honest feedback it would mean the world to me.

Thank you!

Hi @kilo !

Have you completed the responsive design projects?
Or the JavaScript projects or front end projects?

If not, that would be a good start to creating your own projects.
You can also think of project ideas inspired by your hobbies or current job.

I like to build projects centered around music because I am a professional musician. :grinning:

Building your own projects can be really intimidating at first.
But the key is to start building small projects.
Break down the projects into smaller manageable bits and tackle one component at a time.
Then you can gradually build more complex projects as you gain more experience in programming.

I think the best way to approach tutorials is to apply the concepts you learned into your own project.

For example, maybe you watched a tutorial on creating a cool landing page design.
Instead of just copying the code from the video and forgetting about it, try to incorporate those ideas into your own project.
Change the design and use different methods from the video so it becomes your project.

We have a section on the forum called #project-feedback.
You can post your completed projects in there and ask for feedback. :grinning:

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