Starting over again!

Hello just wanted to say hello.
Ive tried studying web development for the past year, I’ve learnt the basics of html and css, but I sort of came to a stumbling stop.

I waste time procrastinating about my study, self teaching web development is quite overwhelming at times.

I was interested in hearing peoples tips, ie roadmaps , what’s important and what isn’t nowadays.

I also draw a blank when coming up with ideas to practice coding, what projects do people build?

I love coding I really enjoy it and hope one day that I could do it as my job

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HI @Charlie88 !

Welcome to the forum!

Go through a few of the freeCodeCamp certifications and build up a good starting foundation in html, css and javascript.
You should also learn a javascript library or framework like react or angular.
fcc teaches react and react is pretty popular for a lot of companies.

Don’t get hung up on trying to build the perfect project.
Just build stuff.

Most of the projects I built early on were purely for practice and were never meant to be showcased on a portfolio.
I just built them for learning purposes.
Start with small projects, like simple games, or web pages.
Continue to build projects with increased complexity and more features.

Then when it comes to building projects to showcase to potential employers, build projects around your interests like music, sports, art, etc.
Employers are not looking for you to build the next million dollar app.
They just want to see your skills.

Take a common idea like a music app or ecommerce site and add a creative spin on it.
Add some cool features of stuff you would like to see in an app.
Spend some time on these projects you are planning to show an employer because you will learn and grow more that way.

Hope that helps!

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I was in you shoes not long ago. I’ll share some tips on my journey. I’m still learning but I believe I’m a few steps ahead of you.

  1. When I become demotivated/procrastinate I always remind myself of the end goal. So whatever your end goal is or your reason for getting into web development, remind yourself of it. I told my family and friends that I’m changing careers and I’m learning web development - that way I have to finish the journey, otherwise it won’t look nice in their eyes when they hear you I quit already.

  2. Web development can be overwhelming. Learning a new tool can be frightening at first. I avoided React js for so long for that reason - it looked scary. But one day I said I’m going to give it a chance and watch this YouTube series about React. Lo and behold, I understood most of it and wasn’t scary. After that I knew that I had to just ‘jump in’ when I wanted to learn a new tool.

Also, don’t get carried away with reading and watching endless tutorials - you need to learn just enough to get you started. Then start by making things, start by making a simple web app, even if it’s just clicking button to change a colour. Then make more complex apps as you go along.

If you become overwhelmed, take a break. Take a few days off, give your brain time to absorb then return to it.

  1. In terms of roadmaps, people will tell you all sorts of tech lists to learn. My advice is just start. Pick the popular tools and make a start.

  2. Lastly, a personal question here - how bad do you want it? Do you ‘kinda’ want it or do you F***ING WANT IT!!!
    You get what I mean.

Hope that helps


That is so true what yo said here!
like the following quote:
You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. – Martin Luther King Jr.
@Charlie88,I’m in similar situation. After some time learning, results are starting to show. Every step is easier to understand, googling became much more precise and my confidence level is much higher.
Try to visit this forum often and look into what people are asking and that way you will also learn.

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