freeCodeCamp Turns 5 - a ton of updates on the community

Hi freeCodeCamp friends, this week marks our community’s 5th birthday.

It’s been a wild ride so far, and we’re just getting started.

I wrote this article to share as much as possible.

Some highlights:

  1. More than 40,000 grads have gotten jobs working in tech
  2. So far this year, people have used + the YouTube channel for 1.1 billion minutes. Our total annual budget is $373,000. That means each dollar donated has resulted in 50 hours of free learning for people around the world.
  3. We just pushed a ton of updates. This article also lays out a lot of technical details about our stack.
  4. In addition to the upcoming curriculum update, we’re going to focus more and more on learning resources you can use while you’re AFK - videos, podcasts, and more. A lot more explanatory journalism.
  5. Python is coming to the curriculum. We already have a ton of videos and tutorials on Python, but soon it will be part of the core curriculum, along with Numpy and Tensorflow.

I hope you all are having a blast and learning a ton. I’d welcome feedback on these ideas and I’m happy to answer any questions you all may have.


Hi, first of all thank you for this great platform.
i have a suggestion:
while you do have great courses on your youtube channel sometimes someone just want to understand 1 subject. i thought about something like VOD tab on fcc . for example: someone wants to know about arrow functions -he enters VOD click on “es6” then click on “arrow functions” and a video starts that explain arrow functions. this can be done by taking your courses from youtube and cutting them to subtopics.

We may do something like this in the future. We would need to create a separate channel just for these types of short videos and upload the segments separately. It would be a lot of additional work categorizing them.

Instead, we’re currently focused on creating text-based tutorials for these sorts of concepts. These are easier to maintain, and they come up better in Google search.

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Hi, Quincy! Thank you for bringing good news about Python. :partying_face: I wonder if there will be covered interactive visualization with Python sometime in the future? For instance, something similar to this kind of graph, but with Python instead of R language. :blush:

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Ah yes - Poltly is really cool. We will probably continue to focus on JavaScript for data visualization itself. But we’ll use Python for data analysis. We will teach Python interactively in the browser, and some key libraries like Numpy and maybe Mathpy.

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