Hello 2021 – Quick New Years updates from the community

Hey everyone, we just hit New Year a few minutes ago here in Dallas, and my first thought was: I should wish everyone on the forum a happy new year. So Happy New Year! :confetti_ball:

A couple big updates from this week:

Here’s a review of 2020 and all the good that the community has done in the world:

And here are our 2020 Top Contributors. You’ll notice that major contributors here on the forum are front and center in this list:

A couple other quick updates:

  • Version 7.0 of the curriculum is coming along great, and we are making steady, incremental progress.
  • The Spanish and Chinese versions are almost ready, and we are also translating a lot of our English-language articles and videos into these languages.
  • And I have a pretty exciting announcement I’m going to make mid-January about some additions to the core curriculum.

I hope you all have a fun, insightful New Years weekend.